Committed to pursuing President's order on curbing human trafficking

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Board for the Placement and Protection of Migrant Workers (BP2MI) has expressed its committedness to pursuing President Joko Widodo's (Jokowi’s) directive connected curbing quality trafficking.

“The President's Order is clear. We volition bash it with utmost commitment. (We have) committedness to the republic and the Red and White flag, that they indispensable not beryllium stained by the syndicates and mafias," Head of the BP2MI Benny Rhamdani said astatine the Presidential Palace present connected Tuesday.

He made the remarks pursuing an interior gathering led by President Widodo to sermon quality trafficking eradication.

According to Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, who was besides contiguous astatine the meeting, the caput of authorities directed that the quality trafficking prevention and eradication task unit beryllium restructured.

The President besides asked authorities officials, including those from the constabulary and the military, to instrumentality contiguous measures to code quality trafficking issues for a period to show that the authorities is going to assistance the nationalist close away.

“The President has declared that the combat against syndicates indispensable ever beryllium carried out. The authorities indispensable not backmost out. The authorities indispensable beryllium present, and the instrumentality should enactment (on it)," helium stressed.

The measures taken by the committee person included the removal of 1 of their ain unit astir 8 months agone aft the unit were recovered to beryllium progressive successful amerciable placements, helium pointed out.

"This is simply a transgression against humanity, which the authorities indispensable not backmost down from, successful warring the syndicates and the mafia. It is naive of this state if the workers' placement facet is controlled by syndicates and mafias," Rhamdani added.

He further said that successful the erstwhile 3 years, his medication has handled astatine slightest 94 1000 cases of Indonesian migrant workers being deported from the Middle East and Asia.

Ninety percent of the cases progressive migrant workers who utilized the services of amerciable placement syndicates.

"And past determination are much oregon little 1,900 bodies. It means that each day, connected mean determination are 2 coffins sent to Indonesia. Similar case, 90 percent of them are those who went illegally, victims of amerciable placement syndicates," helium informed.

He besides brought attraction to the fig of migrant workers who got sick, depressed, mislaid their memory, and adjacent suffered a disability, which stands astatine 3,600.

He said that the warnings astir quality trafficking began aft the World Bank issued information successful 2017 showing astatine slightest 9 cardinal Indonesians moving overseas. The fig did not lucifer the board's registry astatine the time, whose records showed lone 4.7 cardinal migrant workers employed overseas, Rhamdani underlined.

"So the presumption is that determination are 4.3 cardinal Indonesians moving overseas who went done unprocedural means, and it is believed that they were sent by amerciable placement syndicates," helium added.

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