Expect Indonesia to become world food barn by 2045: Minister

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Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA) - Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo has said helium is optimistic that Indonesia volition go a satellite nutrient barn by 2045 by utilizing existing earthy resources with the assistance of technology.

"We person rather a bully onshore and nature. By utilizing technology, we tin works from the coast, lowlands, to highlands," helium noted successful Padang, West Sumatra, connected Tuesday.

He made the remarks portion reviewing preparations for the XVI National Week of Indonesian Farmers and Fishermen (Penas Tani) successful Padang.

To recognize Indonesia arsenic a satellite nutrient barn by 2045, each stakeholders indispensable absorption connected determining a roadworthy representation for the agelong term, Limpo stressed.

He said his optimism is besides based connected policies issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, which, successful the past 3 years, person succeeded successful expanding nationalist atom production.

Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture is besides focusing connected a aviator task to works soybeans done the exertion of machinery technology.

According to him, Indonesia, particularly its farmers, indispensable stitchery the courageousness to alteration farming methods, arsenic seen successful a fig of countries, by optimizing exertion and machinery.

Currently, the cardinal authorities has tasked the West Sumatra provincial government, which has been appointed arsenic the big of the XVI National Week of Indonesian Farmers and Fishermen, to behaviour a aviator task connected soybean seeds, which volition aboriginal beryllium expanded to each provinces.

The curate said that the mean size of onions and soybeans grown successful Indonesia is comparatively small, but the commodities person a amended aroma erstwhile compared to soybeans from different countries.

He further said helium believes that if each parties enactment together, past the extremity of realizing Indonesia arsenic a satellite nutrient barn by 2045 tin beryllium realized.

"Let america execute it. If we proceed our nutrient dependency, it volition ne'er end," helium added. 

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