Indonesians' onsumption of animal protein sources still low: govt

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - The level of depletion of carnal macromolecule sources, specified arsenic milk, among Indonesians is inactive low, Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated.

"Indonesians' per capita depletion of macromolecule is supra the nationalist standard, which is 62.2 grams (per day) from the nationalist modular of 57 grams (per day), but the depletion of carnal macromolecule sources, specified arsenic beverage and its processed products, is inactive low," Sadikin noted present connected Tuesday.

At the "World Milk Day" lawsuit organized by a dairy company, the curate affirmed that beverage depletion tin boost nutritional fulfillment.

Milk contains protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals that are needed by the assemblage and tin fortify the body's immune system, helium stated.

The 2022 National Socioeconomic Survey revealed that macromolecule depletion successful Indonesia is 62.21 grams per capita per day, which is supra the nationalist macromolecule adequacy number, albeit inactive rather debased successful presumption of the intake of animal-sourced protein, namely seafood, astatine 9.58 grams; meat, 4.79 grams; and ovum and milk, 3.37 grams.

Higher depletion of carnal macromolecule tin assistance successful stunting prevention that is portion of the government's existent priority.

The Health Ministry ever focuses connected the dissemination of acquisition successful addressing nutritional problems by prioritizing a "life rhythm approach" that aims to enactment children's maturation and development, starting from puerility and good into adolescence.

To this end, helium lauded companies producing carnal macromolecule sources, specified arsenic milk, for their information successful supporting Indonesians' nutritional adequacy.

"We anticipation Greenfields tin proceed to collaborate with the Health Ministry successful supporting the translation of superior wellness services by presenting the champion products and services for the radical of Indonesia," Sadikin remarked.

In commemoration of World Milk Day, helium invited each parties to forge up towards a healthier Indonesia.

The Health Ministry earlier expressed its committedness to promoting the depletion of carnal macromolecule for each kid successful an effort to grip stunting.

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