KPU designs stronger ballot box for 2024 elections

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - The General Elections Commission (KPU) has devised a caller ballot container plan to marque the container much durable and susceptible of withstanding harm portion being utilized astatine voting venues during the 2024 General Elections.

"In presumption of specifications, we volition fortify the ballot container compared to what was utilized successful the 2019 elections," said KPU Commissioner Yulianto Sudrajat during a proceeding gathering betwixt Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR), the Ministry of Home Affairs, and electoral organizers astatine the Parliament Complex present connected Monday.

The electoral committee described the ballot container plan specifications successful thorough item successful a KPU regularisation draught for which support was sought during the meeting.

Sudrajat stated that to marque the ballot container stronger, the KPU has decided to alteration the thickness of the outer furniture of the box, which is made of coated duplex, from 200 grams per quadrate metre (as utilized successful 2019) to 250 grams.

The ballot box's interior layer, which is made of kraft carton, volition besides beryllium made thicker, from 200 grams per quadrate metre (as utilized successful 2019) to 275 grams, helium added.

"Due to the specification alteration to fortify the ballot box, its full value has accrued from 2.06 kilograms (in 2019) to 2.26 kilograms for the 2024 Elections. However, its capableness remains astatine 20 to 30 kilograms (of ballots)," the commissioner informed.

In summation to changing the container material, the electoral committee has besides changed the specification for the tiny transparent model astatine the halfway of the beforehand broadside of the ballot container to alteration observers to spot wrong it.

The KPU has decided to trim the window's size from 20 x 25 centimeters (as utilized successful 2019) to 17 x 20 centimeters to amended the ballot box's integrity, helium said.

Yulianto informed that the determination to trim the model size was based connected the commission's uncovering that the ballot container would beryllium weakened if the model were larger.

"We reduced it to summation the ballot box's integrity due to the fact that the larger the transparent part, the weaker it volition be," helium explained.

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