Minister outlines efforts for reviving aviation industry

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has outlined the government's efforts to revive the nationalist aviation manufacture station the pandemic astatine the 2023 International Civil Aviation Organization's Global Implementation Support Symposium (ICAO GISS).

One of the cardinal policies pursued by the authorities to past the COVID-19 pandemic was to equilibrium policies betwixt controlling COVID-19 and keeping the system moving, including aviation services.

"As an archipelagic country, formation services cannot halt supporting connectivity and the sustainability of nationalist activities," helium said arsenic quoted successful a connection received present connected Tuesday.

Sumadi, according to the statement, was 1 of the speakers astatine the symposium, which is held successful Seoul, South Korea, and themed “Working Together for an Innovative and Sustainable Global Aviation Community.”

He informed that respective policies were implemented by the authorities on with aviation stakeholders to recognize safe, comfortable, and steadfast formation services by implementing a fig of wellness protocols.

"As a result, successful 2022, the nationalist aviation manufacture began to amended and showed a affirmative trend," helium said.

However, determination are inactive respective post-pandemic problems that indispensable beryllium resolved, specified arsenic the precocious nationalist request for craft services that is not balanced with the availability of craft fleets, helium added.

He emphasized that determination are inactive galore airports that request to amended their capableness and work quality.

Therefore, helium said helium is hoping for planetary enactment and collaboration successful the civilian aviation manufacture done ICAO.

The collaboration tin beryllium carried retired successful galore ways, specified arsenic backing to enactment improvement that aligns with ICAO's strategical goals.

"For this reason, we are seeking to bolster partnerships with respective countries. Given the constricted capableness of the authorities fund (APBN), we unfastened opportunities for practice done public-private partnerships," helium said.

ICAO GISS is simply a league of the planetary civilian aviation assemblage initiated by ICAO successful collaboration with subordinate countries.

The 2023 ICAO GISS is being held successful collaboration with South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport successful Seoul from May 30–June 1, 2023.   

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