Ministry provides free counseling and guidance on quitting smoking

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Health Ministry provides escaped counseling and guidance connected quitting smoking to the nationalist via the Quitline.INA fig connected 08001776565 oregon done the authoritative WhatsApp fig connected 082125900597.

"Those who privation to discontinue smoking tin person counseling, guidance, and referrals if needed. This work volition assistance anyone keen to discontinue smoking but incapable to travel to a wellness installation for a consultation," stated Maria Endang Sumiwi, the ministry's manager wide of nationalist health, successful Jakarta connected Tuesday.

Sumiwi remarked that the proviso of services was based connected the imaginable dangers of smoking, particularly connected the maturation and improvement of children, arsenic evidenced by probe conducted by the Center for Social Security Studies astatine the University of Indonesia (PKJS-UI) successful 2018.

Findings from the survey showed that toddlers surviving with smoking parents grew 1.5 kilograms little than children surviving with non-smoking parents. Moreover, 5.5 percent of toddlers surviving with smoking parents had a higher hazard of stunting.

She noted that smoking was besides 1 of the obstacles hindering efforts to trim Indonesia's stunting rate, which remained astatine 21.6 percent until 2022, portion the stunting percent bounds acceptable by the World Health Organization (WHO) is lone 20 percent.

Sumiwi stated that based connected information from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, adults successful the household walk an estimated Rp382 1000 per period connected buying cigarettes.

She suggested that successful summation to contributing to the prevention of stunting done smoking cessation, the wealth spent connected cigarettes could beryllium allocated to supply carnal macromolecule sources, specified arsenic eggs, to children successful bid to forestall stunting.

"I anticipation Indonesian families tin allocate their spending and reprioritize it, not connected cigarettes," she emphasized.

Meanwhile, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, the ministry's manager wide of illness prevention and control, said that the work was provided due to the fact that the depletion of cigarettes and baccy products had socioeconomic and wellness impacts.

Data from the 2021 National Socioeconomic Survey stated that household spending connected cigaret depletion was 3 times higher than spending connected macromolecule needs successful the family, making spending connected cigarettes the second-largest successful the household and 3 times higher than the wealth spent connected buying eggs.

According to Rondonuwu, cigarettes constituted the second-largest percent of household spending, reaching 11.9 percent successful some municipality and agrarian areas, which could person been utilized alternatively to devour nutritious foods specified arsenic eggs, meat, and chicken.

People seeking consultation to discontinue smoking tin interaction the Ministry of Health services via Facebook Messenger @p2ptmkemenkesRI, Telegram astatine the nexus, oregon the authoritative website of the Ministry of Health All services tin beryllium accessed escaped of charge.

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