Personalities According to Ayurvedic Doshas

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According to Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest forms of holistic medicine, the world is made up of 5 elements: Aakash (space), Jala (water), Prithvi (earth), Teja (fire), and Vayu (air).

Certain combinations of these elements result in the Doshas (Vata, Kapha, and Pitta) or energies responsible for a person’s physiological, mental, and emotional health. Every person has a unique ratio of each Dosha with one being more dominant than the other.

Note, however, that there are further researches that need to be done in order to prove the legitimacy of this belief.

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Vata (air, space): Usually described as physically slim, energetic, and creative. They’re known for thinking outside the box but are easily distracted.

  • Strengths: quick learner, highly creative, kind-hearted, flexible
  • Weakness: forgetful, anxious, unstable mood, has trouble sleeping, has trouble sleeping, irregular appetite

It’s best for those who are Vata dominant to manage stress through meditation and other calming activities


Kapha (earth, water): steady, strong, thick-boned, caring. They’re known for being a support system for others. They rarely get upset and will always think before acting.

  • Strengths: empathetic, caring, trusting, patient, calm, healthy immune system
  • Weaknesses: slow metabolism, easily gain weight, tend to over-sleep, needs regular motivation
  • Recommendation: focus on regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet

It’s best for those who are Kapha dominant to manage stress by focusing on regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet


Pitta (fire, water): light and mobile. They’re known for their tenacious personality. They usually have a muscular build and are very athletic.

  • Strengths: intelligent, purposeful, self-determined, strives for success, natural leader, healthy skin, good circulation
  • Weaknesses: impatient, prone to conflict, annoying when hungry, prone to acne

Those who are Pitta dominant need to find more balance between life and work.

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So those are the three Doshas that supposedly affect your personality and lifestyle. Which one did you resonate the most with? Whichever it is, don’t forget that you can balance your mind, body, and soul through wellness activities such as yoga and meditation. Download the STRONGBEE app and start finding the nearest wellness activities to you!

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